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Real name: Keith W. Blackwell

I get a kick out of creating something that others can enjoy and find useful. Sounds are one avenue for doing that.

When supplying attribution, please include my name and at least one appropriate freesound URL to reach the sounds you used, plus the specific name of each sound used (either by its freesound sound number/address or URL, or by the path to the sound). This makes it easier for me to see which sounds are being used, and for others to be able to track down the exact sound without having to wander through all of my sounds. If you split attributions so that details are in one place and summary in a more prominent place, then at least mention me for freesound sounds in the summary ("Keith W. Blackwell" or "zimbot" alongside "freesound.org" in some appropriate fashion), and the summary should hint at where to find the details.

For example, for a video posted to YouTube, a summary might appear in the credits but the details in the supplied text, because that's prominent enough that folks have no trouble finding it. Games often have credits in one long listing somewhere with no real "summary". The attribution should go with the "product" whenever practical, as opposed to simply providing a URL where you provide a web page of credits, because the life of the web page is independent; and it might be too inconvenient to navigate to it. It's negotiable, of course, so ask if you have an unusual situation. I'm obviously not too much of a stickler since I've already made my sounds available with Creative Commons licensing, but please do respect the intent of the license terms.

zimbot's latest sounds

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Similitude of a few singers and unidentifiable instruments performing an odd tune. Compared to earlier uploads, this one adds something ...

February 25th, 2018
  • Currently /5 Stars.

A short, very clean, close recording of a match being lit against a match-box side striker pad, then burning for ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Drops of water falling at a medium rate (not particularly slow or fast) into a 2-cup glass measuring container with ...