Why should I donate to Freesound?

  • We are growing and need more resources. Freesound was started in 2005 at the Music Technology Group and it has always been developed and maintained here. We need your donations in order to be able dedicate more resources to Freesound and not only maintain it but also make it better: add new features, improve existing ones, etc.
  • We don't like ads. Because of the nature of Freesound and the philosophy of openness, sharing and reuse that we promote, we think that the sustainability model that best fits our case is one based on user donations like Wikipedia.
  • It doesn't take a large donation to help us. There are many users who regularly download content from Freesound. If many of us contribute, donating just a little bit will be enough to keep Freesound in good shape. Ah, and if you donate you'll appear in this glorious list of Freesound donors :)

In case you want to donate, please use the form below. If you want more information about Freesound and its sustainability, check out this forum thread.
Thanks for supporting Freesound!

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    Note: donations are managed through the Phonos Foundation, an institution linked to the Music Technology Group for the promotion of social and cultural initiatives. Currently, we only accept donations via PayPal and international credit cards.