About Freesound

What is this site anyway?

Freesound aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse. Freesound provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples, allowing users to:

  • browse the sounds in new ways using keywords, a "sounds-like" type of browsing and more
  • upload and download sounds to and from the database, under the same creative commons license
  • interact with fellow sound-artists!

We also aim to create an open database of sounds that can also be used for scientific research. Many audio research institutions have trouble finding correctly licensed audio to test their algorithms. Many have voiced this problem, but so far there hasn't been a solution.

Who is behind this site?

Freesound was started in 2005 in the Music Technology Group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. Currently it is being maintained and developed by the Freesound team, which is basically composed by current and former researchers and students of the research group.

Freesound can exist thanks to the support of Universitat Pompeu Fabra, anonymous user donations and t-shirt sells, which provide us with the needed hardware infrastructure to handle the site.

Currently the Freesound development team is formed by:

  • Bram: Freesound's benevolent dictator for life, our guru!
  • simple machines: a fighter in all freesound battles, especially when machines try to become complex!
  • alastairp: sys admin, the guy that solves network problems (but not the one you have to blame when something does not work!)
  • xserra: Music Technology Group head and first knight of the Freesound order.
  • frederic.font: started focusing on the Api, now basically doing whatever it is required for the cause.

Former members:


We have also been supported by:

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