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Community update November 2017

Hi again, This is our monthly update of things happening in Freesound development! Remember we told you we’d try to write regularly-spaced-in-time blog posts letting you know what’s going on? Well we made it, so once month later here is … Continue reading → Read Full Entry

Community update October 2017

Dear Freesounders, We’ve been working hard on Freesound lately and have some news to share with you. You’ll remember that earlier this year we started a campaign to promote donations in Freesound. We had a public discussion in the forums … Continue reading → Read Full Entry

Maintenance downtime, Monday 3rd July 10:30 a.m. CEST [done]

Dear Freesounders, On Monday 3rd at 10:30 a.m. CEST Freesound will be down for approximately two hours while we perform some maintenance on our servers. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Cheers,   edit: all servers have been updated and … Continue reading → Read Full Entry

Problems sending emails [fixed]

EDIT 8/6/2017: email sending is back to normal. We’ve resent emails with activation codes to all users that registered during the period while the email service was not working properly. Hello, As some of you reported, Freesound is experiencing problems with emails. We have … Continue reading → Read Full Entry

Login with email and Twitter cards

Dear Freesounders, This is post is to let you know about two features that we have just deployed for your enjoyment: Login with email: from now on you can login to Freesound either using your username or your email address. Might … Continue reading → Read Full Entry

Recent Additions

5 more sounds from InspectorJ in the last 48 hours
1 more sounds from flood-mix in the last 48 hours
2 more sounds from gis_sweden in the last 48 hours
4 more sounds from Greek555 in the last 48 hours


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