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I am a musician (I use that term loosely) and software engineer living in Austin, TX.

In the past I have released music on spoomusic.com under the alias wjoojoo. You could probably lump this material into the Ambient/IDM category.

My posts on freesound are:
(1) A sonic journal detailing my everyday life (travel, kids, etc);
(2) A record of my never-ending experiments with synthesizers, effects, microphones, etc.

I ask that for any sound you choose to use, please include a link to the original sample. If this is not feasible please post a comment on my sample with a link to your work, and if this is also not feasible please just post a comment describing your usage of my sample. Also, if you have benefitted from my sounds so much that you wish to donate some $$$ back to the cause, I happily accept magic internet money

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wjoojoo's latest sounds