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If possible, I would love to hear how you use these samples!
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If you use any female voice sounds please credit "Amy Gedgaudas".
If you use my sounds please credit "Tim Kahn"
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tim.kahn's latest sounds

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It's easy to put everything off, but it is always there waiting.

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A room full of actors, mostly younger kids, talking as though they are at a funeral home/memorial type event. As ...

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I found a nearly 20 year old Rode NTG-2 microphone in my stuff, it has a corroded battery and now ...

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Along a canal I found some reeds that were moving and hitting each other from the current. Also there was ...

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About 60 people in a large room applauding for someone. Recorder: Lectrosonics SPDR Microphones: DPA 4061s Recordist: Tim Kahn

February 22nd, 2019
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Even when my body and soul are tired I will be excited to see you.

February 19th, 2019