July 4th, 2015

"Guardians Of Limbo" (Spectral voices, ethereal sounds, odd vocals) Sample of Fx preset from Magnus Choir VSTi software. Virtual Choir (Musical Instrument)

Software Description

Magnus Choir is a virtual musical instrument VST plug-in software developed by Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments and can be used to create natural and synthetic choirs, vocal textures and sustained vowels. It may work as a plugin within DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software such as Image-Line FL Studio, Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live or Cakewalk SONAR among others.

SATB Structure:
This Virtual Musical Ensemble of Singers features male and female mixed choirs in the classic SATB -Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass- structure: women sing Soprano and Alto, while men sing Tenor and Bass.

Synthesis and Sampling:
Sound is generated via a hybrid method that combines synthesis and sampling. It features 48 built-in presets sounds including a variety of choirs and additionally includes choral pads, vocal textures, effects and spatial voices.

MIDI Automation:
Features complete MIDI Continuous Controller to automate parameter changes from a sequencer, or to control the Magnus Choir software from an external MIDI control surface.

Magnus Choir Presets List:

Celestial Choir (...In The Garden of Eden)
Aahhs Choir (Sustained Vowels)
Octave Choir (Men's Choir )
Curious Choir (Odd)
Big Choral (Women's Choir and Men's Choir -Maestoso)
Angels Choir (Legato)
Magnus 1 (Sustained Vowels)
Oohs Choir (Sustained Vowels)
Synthetic Choir (Spatiotemporal)
X Choral (Relaxed Vowels)
Choralis (Choral Pad -Cresc-Decresc-Sustained)
Future Choir (Tenuto)
Magnus 2 (Espressivo - Maestoso)
Glorious (Maestoso - Majestic and Sustain)
Finale (Women's Choir and Men's Choir)
Vox Vocis (Vocal Texture -Staccato)
Psychedelic Vox (Synthetic)
Breath Choir (Staccato)
Quasi Spatial Voices (Choir Pad)
Textural Murmur (Odd Choral)
Ad Infinitum (Tenuto Choir -Legato)
Infernus (Crescendo Dark Octave Choir)
Hybrid Choir (Marcato - Synthetic and Natural)
Astral Choir (Crescendo and Decrescendo)
Alienus (Marcato Odd Choir)
Caelestis (...Kingdom Of Heaven)
Psychomantium (...A Place Of Necromancy) -Tenuto-
Ad Libitum (Oohs + Aahhs Chorus)
Aeternus Lux Lucis (Tenuto)
Divinitus Chorus (Staccato)
Mystical Choir (Mms Choir)
The Apocalypse Has Begun (Crescendo)
Abbey Ghost (Synthetic Voices)
Aurum Vox (Choral Pad)
Lost Souls In The Dark (Atmos)
Guardians Of Limbo (Atmos)
Spectralys (Pad Noise -Cresc-Decresc-Sust)
Voices In The Mist (Fx)
Restless Spirits (Odd Wailing - Atmos)
Angels Between Us (Decay)
Eximius Choral Group (Women's Choir and Men's Choir)
Padilius Fx (Pad)
Vinyl Choir (Women's Choir and Men's Choir)
Escape To Paradise (Choir Pad)
Terrifying Voices (Fx)
Aeris Mortis (Decay)
Sanctus: Voices of Ascension (Holy Choir)

Syntheway Magnus Choir VST 1.5, Syntheway Magnus Choir VST 1.6


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