August 11th, 2007

Stereo recording of Hooker's Sea Lions (Phocarctos hookeri) playing in a cove of Snares Island.

One Sea Lion is swimming in the front, a second one is roaring in a remote sea cave.
Silver Gulls and Sub-Antarctic terns are flying around. Not far away, there is a small but noisy Snare’s penguins colony.

Snares islands is on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1998

Rode NT4 + home brewed preamp + DAT AIWA HD-S1 recorder
Recorded on Snares Island, 48°0366 S, 166.5500 E, the 27th Feb. 2005, morning


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    clecle 14 years, 3 months ago

    Perfect thanks a lot!

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    stormpetrel 14 years, 6 months ago

    My NT4 likes the mud :) !
    The weight was not really a problem… but I had to face to a nasty buzz when the mic was too cold (7°C-12°C) and the humidity a bit high. Next time I will put some hand heaters in the windshield to solve this problem!

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    digifishmusic 14 years, 6 months ago

    I am impressed you took an NT4 so far from home, these things are heavy...you should let Rode know, perhaps they will feature your recording on their site, it's worth it! :)

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    stormpetrel 14 years, 7 months ago

    Thks guys ! It was not so cold as Snares Island is far away from the Antarctic continent. I was there to help a biologist friend...

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    digifishmusic 14 years, 7 months ago

    Fantastic! Thanks for this...I feel cold just listening to it...Brrrrrrrrr... :)

    So what were you doing at that location with a field-recording rig? Cool!

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