November 3rd, 2006

the copper shells of these timpani have some dents in them, from many years of being moved and tossed about. here i am sitting on the floor and striking the dents with the mallet... sounds a lot like a steel pan (steel drum) except not tuned, and with a nice reverb from the drum head. reminiscent of some gamelan instruments, or even a sonar ping.

this is on the smaller of the two timpani (64 cm). unprocessed except for a little noise reduction. mic position is over the drum head.


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    pandelic 3 years ago

    Thank you for your amazing work spt3125!! Your sound is lovingly featured in the soundscape environment scoring this musical track:
    “Foot of the Carpathians” from the album _Travel Poems . Chapter 1 . Secret towns_
    You can stream it (and also see your credits) at https://soundcloud.com/ericpan/foot-of-the-carpathians which is track 6 from the album. You’re also featured in the credits on the official album website at https://travelpoems.com/#about, in the liner notes for the album sold at Bandcamp, as well as in the acknowledgements for all major streaming sites (Apple Music, Spotify, et al), the only caveat being that many music services do not feature extended (or often even basic!) credits in their digital user experience, even though the information has been submitted in detail to them.
    It’s important to me that you feel you’ve been given due credit for your fantastic sound curation -- so if there’s something I’ve missed feel free to contact me at eric@travelpoems.com. Thank you and hope you are well!

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    pushkin 4 years, 11 months ago

    These are very nice.


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