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To teach and be taught...

I've been an audio engineer and computer programmer for many, many years. I enjoy sharing any and everything I've learned, as well as what techniques I employ in my recording, mixing, and mastering. Far more than the studio, I've found nature to be the ultimate challenge with audio engineering. It's never the same, never predictable, and continually full of surprises.

I try to share as much info as I can in my descriptions so that others may learn and grow as much as they see fit or feel motivated. If it works for you - great! If it's of no use whatsoever - great! Use whatever works for you and throw away the rest. But, above all, enjoy making your own recordings and the experience they give you. I've learned over the decades that the recording one doesn't make is the recording one often regrets.

So, always keep your ears open and your mind teachable. Approach the sounds of your world with the ears of a child and you'll never lack for audio that's fresh, inspiring, and fascinating!

Hit that record button - sounds are happening!


naturenutt's latest sounds

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Reprocessed recording from 2018. Moderate rain recorded in attic. Shingled roof. Discovered mic bump at approx 17-18 secs. Original here: ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Recorded some rain & thunder in my attic in 2018. Recorded with a Tascam DR-680, 2 Rode NT1A mics, and ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Recorded on 3-20-2014 with 2 NT1A mics and a Tascam DR-680 (Busman mod). Mics were spaced with 120 degree angles ...