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My name is Bill, a former United States Marshal, author, businessman and now Youtube Marketing and productions serving Northern California and Southern Oregon and actually over 100 million people world wide thanks to Youtube. Google Bill Keefer and see all about me.

We do video productions, and like every movie production, sound, music, effects either make or break the movie production by giving it mood and feelings.

We now not only use freesound contributors and other sources, we record and make our own. Creating our own sounds we do use public domain material, Partners In Rhyme public domian material our own creations and a blending of all our creations and mixed in public domain. The Internet has tens of thousands of sources for basic sounds. Pro Bono Publico.

I have joined as a contributor to, since my business is video productions and I edit thousands of video clips every month, I decided to do audio clips and sound effects for my own YouTube video work. All my submissions is Public Domain and use them any way you wish, no need to credit me. Most voice contributions is from my wife "Rose" now queen of scream on your YouTube dial.

Have fun and enjoy life !

mlsprovideos's latest sounds

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A poem, askng God to protect the little child from demons, ghosts, goblins, things that go bump in the night, ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

This is a basic sonar bleep, blip, and actually the pings are bat chatter reworked in audacity.