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April 15th, 2018
A dark eerie drone made by messing around in Audacity …
March 15th, 2018
eerie drone without distortion
February 27th, 2018
A distorted eerie drone loop. Made by playing around w…
February 27th, 2018
This is a compilation of a couple of sounds from FreeS…
February 26th, 2018
Another recording transformed in Audacity and played a…
February 26th, 2018
I really don't know what this is. :) Transformed an ol…
February 26th, 2018
Sudden Teleportation
February 10th, 2018
A metal object being hit. Grabbed from a personal vide…
June 14th, 2017
Some kind of a "jump drive" or a sci-fi power reactor …
May 3rd, 2017
Some kind of an alien-horn sound. Made with MuLab, com…
April 2nd, 2017
Alien Transmission - (Accidentaly) Made in Reaper
May 20th, 2016
Robot Rumbling