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Sound Good - Welcome to my FreeSound page!
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Sound Description
Enthusiastic sound effects artist with a nutty, energetic edge with a great fascination for the energetic, absurd, surreal and visceral. Hails from the Southside of Glasgow, Scotland. Everything recorded here was homemade or from outside endeavours. The tools of the trade are the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder with its XY & MS microphone capsules. For these creation of samples, loops and music is digital audio workstation COCKOS REAPER.

Sound Criterion - Free Sounds!
A true majority of my uploaded sounds come under the Creative Commons Zero aka the Public Domain license, so absolutely do whatever you want with them! Listen to them, sample them and sell them and layer them to your own!

No accreditation/attribution is required - when you download they are yours to use. Anyway you prefer. In the case you do accredit, I am likely to watch your content. Experience in the general use of my sounds and to enjoy content by people.

  • Uploads are in the ranges of 16bit to 24bit & up to sampling rates of 44khz - 96khz (& further when advancement occurs). I never upload sounds in any range below 16bit or 44.1 kHZ due to low headroom & possibility of "generation loss" in re-encoding/normalization which can create problems for quality control, pitch-shifting and changes to the sample. As a result I only upload in .WAV (Microsoft PCM) for the flexibilty it provides.

  • I provide the origins of the items used in sfx/foley, educational information on my work in the form of how I create, such as the base of the sound to the settings in the synth used. Enjoying the science & art of foley & sound engineering should be shared. Personally made loops from myself are CC-ZERO/Public Domain unless under contract. Whilst foley is my main aim, some fragments/loopable music/jingles may appear.

  • Uploads are on a weekly to bi-weekly notice to ensure proper assurance of variety and quality when uploaded.

  • No background noise, no feedback or hiss with very low harmonic distortion with plenty of opportunity for boosting gain with no loss of quality.

  • To organize sounds for your convenience - sounds are organized in the use of FreeSound's packs. Related to what the sound reflects. For example, Flesh & Blood is a collection of horror sound effects, Raws are uploads with no processing apart from a trim to avoid being too long.

  • Make a Sound Request?
    I will reply as soon as possible. I may also post on the forums of Freesound. You can use the inbox on FreeSound itself to make requests!

    magnuswaker's latest sounds

    • Currently /5 Stars.

    An alternative to the tragic path jingle composed with SAWER, a monotimbral plugin provided with FL STUDIO, in this, I ...

    • Currently /5 Stars.

    The sound of my beating heart... The horrors of...cardiovascular exercise!

    • Currently /5 Stars.

    An old FL STUDIO (2016) ident that wasnt used for my Youtube channel. The intention of this small jingle was ...

    • Currently /5 Stars.

    Springy reed recording from a Jews Harp. The Jews Harp is an inexpensive instrument you can purchase pretty much on ...

    • Currently /5 Stars.

    Springy noise from the Jews/Jaw Harp instrument.

    • Currently /5 Stars.

    A shaking of Sterling Pounds (UK money) in a Love Hearts tin. Could be interpreted as ammunition or as a ...

    • Currently /5 Stars.

    Produced from Audacity's RAW data import. Distinctively discordant and electrical.

    • Currently /5 Stars.

    A cartoony twang made from a hot XY recording of a rubberband with some distortion and delay. Coming on Wedsenday ...

    • Currently /5 Stars.

    A cartoony twang made from a hot XY recording of a rubberband with some distortion and delay.

    • Currently /5 Stars.

    A sizzle effect made from close XY recording of oil on a high heat.