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Growing up in Thessaloniki, Greece, Georgios Tzagarakis spent all his time listening to rock, alternative and metal music, playing bass guitar in different bands around the city.
At the age of 18, he had his first contact with music in technology by getting his first sequencer. At the early 00s he created his own project named LOOP BASED MUSIC,
inspired by a technic term that create loops. At this period, he was spending many days and nights recording real instruments and mixing them with ambient and experimental elements.

His love and curiosity for experimental and electronic sounds, brought him to Athens, to begin his studies in a university (AKMI College).During his studies he started building his projects, collaborate with many labels, directors, actors, musicians, producers, video artists, photographers, 3D artists, painters, poets and many other artists.
At this time he began to understand his interest for sound design and how important is the sound for movies.

He collaborated with many famous people in many sectors, like Grigoris Hatzakis (theatre director), Aggelos Petroutsas (Turette Records), Spiros Pantazidis (animator/director).
Parallel with all these professional skills, Georgios Tzagarakis was an active member as a bass player at his indie rock band, named: Sediment Bruise since 2002 to 2012. Now he's working as sound engineer, in an new indie/shoegaze band, Ratrace (www.facebook.com/ratraceband).
At this point, he continuously programming and exploring experimental and minimal sounds…from dark ambient and IDM to minimal techno, and techno. He also works as a mix and master producer, and always as a sound designer.

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