July 22nd, 2013

In the pasture some cattle grazing (little wind 1-4 bft) while the are eating the walk around in groups. Sometimes the use of the pasture-pump to drink. So the eating sound not always that clear. Sometimes it is only one cow you hear. There sniffing, burps and coughing sounds funny to. Skylarks in he air.

And the high altitude jets in the sky sometimes.

Location (See geotag): pasture close to a city, so you can hear low-level traffic far away. Sometimes a police-car in the distance. Some local traffic in the polder. On the right a corn-field
A calm ambience in a Dutch field.

00.00-00.33, 01.31-01.39, 02.14-02.19, 03.03-03.05, 04.13-04.21, 21.20-21.33, 21.50-22.45, 38.09-38.11, 44.06-44.20 - Skylark
5.35-14.08, 16.22-18.39, 29.51-31.22 far police-car (long)
05.16-07.25, 09.58-11.00, 31.34-33.28 far high altitude jet-plane
16.07, 33.58, far tractor
28.26, 32.40, 35.40-37.40 use of pasture-pump by cattle
18.33-23.00, 28.04-34.20 cattle grazing close (long)

Date/time: Summer July 20th 2013, 7-8 pm
weather-info: wind NE 2-4bft (mic pointed E) , sunny, temp 21c
gear; Rode NT4 in Blimp > Sony PCM D50

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