November 22nd, 2015

This replica of my tinnitus was created using Audacity. http://audacityteam.org/
I had to generate 3 different 'tones' and combine them before I felt the high itch noise was close to what I hear.
I then had to search Freesound for something that I only hear beneath the high pitch noise when my house is very quiet, which is something like the sound of strong wind or a power station a mile away. It took me a few hours, and even then I had to manipulate the sound considerably.
Thanks to felix.blume for
This natural wind sound file was equalized and leveled several times, then he sound level was reduced to blend with the high pitch. But it still wasn't right. So, not being an expert with Audacity, I just went down the list of 'effects', trying each one, until I found "Paulstretch", which somehow increases the time length of your sound file, without stretching as in 'elastic', which would deepen the existing tones, and apparently, without copying and pasting. The sound does change somewhat, becoming just slightly ragged, but it's a very interesting effect for this application and actually got used on both elements to produce the final sound.
I hope no one enjoys this sound and can't imagine that anyone will. It makes me feel slightly sick.


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    hear-no-elvis 3 years, 9 months ago

    Thanx fezi,
    I've been aware of mine for 25+ years. Yes, it definitely changes.
    Good luck to you too my friend.

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    fezi 3 years, 9 months ago

    yes, thats quite realistic for showing people how it feels like - in my case, especially the mid and low frequencies are the worst. it is much more easy to habituate the higher frequencies - my opinion of 20 years with several different tinnitus tones and volumes ;-) all the best!

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    hear-no-elvis 3 years, 9 months ago

    Now that I listen to it here, it doesn't seem the same as when I produced it on Audacity, and not quite as I remember.
    It's close to what I seem to hear all day and night. Actually it's difficult to truly quantify it, as whatever noise tinnitus is, it will always be objective to the hearer. So the sufferer can never truly describe how it sounds, because it is specific to their own hearing system.
    I now think this should have less bass, and the high pitch should be slightly different, not a lot though.
    I'll try and do another version soon. This one is still horrible, and one or two other tinnitus sufferers may consider it's at least kind of realistic.

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