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My goal here on Freesound is to provide high quality recordings with low background noise and high sample rates. Generally I aim for sounds that are less common and prefer to include multiple takes in one file for variety and convenience.

For editing and processing I use a combination of RX4 Advanced, Pro Tools 12 and various plugins. When I began recording back in 2010 my rig consisted simply of a pair of Rode M3 mics and a Marantz PMD661 field recorder. In the spring of 2015 I upgraded to a new modular rig that consists of: 2x Line Audio CM3 > 2x Grace M101 > Mytek Stereo192 ADC > MUTEC MC-1.2 > Benchmark DAC2 HGC. Other mics I own are a CAD E100S, EV RE16 and an AT8015.

In addition to sound design, Foley and field recording my studio also specializes in audio restoration and noise reduction. This was born out of necessity due to real world recording conditions. Spectral Editing in iZotope RX has changed the way that I think about sound.

Additional Terms:
If you use my sounds in a project give credit to dheming at Freesound. Please post a link to your work in the comments since I really enjoy seeing what is done with the sounds. Do not repost my sounds unchanged somewhere else for download. They are for creative use only.

Derek Heming,
Hedron Soundworks

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Bill's Cafe in San Jose, California during the busy Sunday brunch time slot. Simply recorded with my Samsung S8 phone. …