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July 28th, 2009
A short "finished" style sound. Made with a xylophone…
July 27th, 2009
A short game over type sound.
June 30th, 2009
A short end-type sound made with a xylophone with the …
June 30th, 2009
A short jingle made with a xylophone with the pitch c…
June 28th, 2009
A second short jingle. Made with a xylophone.
June 28th, 2009
A short chimes jingle.
June 6th, 2009
Some new born baby chicks squeaking.
June 6th, 2009
An air swish reversed.
April 13th, 2009
The sound of some extra large bubble wrap popping. Th…
January 12th, 2009
A semi-thick hardcover book being slammed.
January 11th, 2009
A butcher knife chopping a vegetable on a wooden cutti…
January 11th, 2009
A squeaky door opening.