July 5th, 2012

2.5 hours of explosions!

Where I live, people go crazy with fireworks, especially my neighbors, so I wanted to capture them this year. I put my binaural recording setup on the crest of the roof of our 2 story house at 9PM and let it run until 11:30PM.

The neighbors to the NW and West of us were both having parties (the binaural "head" is facing SW). The West neighbors had music blasting from 0:00:00 to 0:50:00. People are blowing stuff up all over town, so there is a constant background of explosions.

Normally the entire neighborhood gathers directly in front of our house, but this year some people were gone and the remaining people moved a few houses down. So it was not as overpowering as it usually is. Also at about 10PM the NW neighbors apparently moved to the north side of their house to finish lighting off their arsenal, so at about 1:00:00 the booms get a bit more distant.

Also at 1:00:00 you hear a fire truck in the distance. There is always someone that ends up lighting something on fire.

At 1:05:00 the wind picks up so you hear the rustling of tree leaves.

At 2:28:00 a neighbor fires up his Harley and rides away.

The WAV is 1.7GB, too big to upload so if you want a particular segment let me know in the comments and I can upload a WAV.


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    ditalouisa 7 years, 10 months ago

    Super useful in getting my puppy over his firework issues.. Thanks!


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