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Hi Freesounders!
I'm a freelance sound designer based in Leipzig/Germany, and do a good lot of location recording.
All the samples or soundscapes I upload here can be used by you for anything you want, free of charge be it a cornflakes-ad you're getting paid for or a holiday video for Aunt Roberta.
I'd be happy to hear what you've gotten up to with the clips though, if possible!
If you wish to attribute (If you can't - e.g. because the graphic designer working on your CD cover threatens suicide if you add just one more line of text, that's OK too) the name's either "blaukreuz" or "Tom Chapman", take your pick.
Crediting Freesound would also be very nice.
If you are some sort of f**khead that wants to use my stuff to promote hatred against people that don't look or think like you, then you can go choke on something, but you can't use my samples.

blaukreuz's latest sounds