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If you use my samples:

- I'd like to hear from you (no need for confirmation, just let me know what you are going to do or what you did with it)

- for attribution/credits - use my web-address; no need to specify the sample names nor IDs. You can make something like this:

"Credits (freesound.org): planetaziemia.net"
"Thanks to (freesound.org): planetaziemia.net"

- this one is not obligatorily, but it would be nice to network with you: put a link (plus some personal comment) related to your work - under sounds that you have used.

http://planetaziemia.net - independent research on sound and consciousness
http://conscious-sound.bandcamp.com - best music for extraordinary inner experiences
http://www.overtone.cc/profile/ayamahambho - overtone singing community

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