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Sound, has interested me for a long time. It is a very powerful medium that when used properly can dramatically alter people's emotions for content they see on film screens and TVs. When sound is done right usually people don't notice, as the experience can be very subtle and "just feels right." When it is done wrong, then things feel "out of place" and people notice. Their connection with whatever form of entertainment they are witnessing is diminished. I work my hardest to deliver the best possible sound I can, whether it is being recorded on set and or created in post.
I work primarily as a sound designer while doing production sound mixing on the side. I am experienced in: boom operation, sound utility work, foley, ADR, sound restoration and sweetening, and sound mixing.
While I have always been interested in film and television sound, as of recent I have been exploring game sound. While film and tv sound has a production component, game sound is all artificial, all created in post. Whatever may appear on screen for games, doesn't have a sound until a sound designer creates that special sound. That is why I love sound design, in general. It allows us to give life, a new sense of reality to things we see on screen. Take the lightsaber from Star Wars: until Ben Burtt created the amazing combination of sounds to accompany the effects on screen, that object was just a metal stick. Now however, worldwide that sound is instantly accepted as the sound of the lightsaber, a sword made of light energy. That is what I want to do as a sound designer, create memorable, special sounds to perfectly accompany what is happening on screen. The best praise I could wish for, would be that the audience doesn't even notice, they just accept it.

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24/48 stereo recording of the sound of someone walking a bike. This clip while short is very loopable. There is ...