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There's possibility to get a commercial license or permission to use my files from Freesound - like my facebook profile and just write to me.

There you can find:

some my normalized enveloped mono and stereo samples recorded in studio and outdoor sound shots
field-recorded stereo sounds normalized enveloped. Usable as sound effects, foleys or anything. Most of them are raw and unprocessed. For professional use they may need editing.
I organize ALL files in sample packs, check my packs to easier navigation.

Some FAQ answers:

- Can I use your sounds in family, private, artistic non-commercial, charity or educational stuff?
Yes, without any restrictions
- Can I use your sound in commercial?
No, buy commercial version and share your profits with others
- Can I use your sound in my e-mail postcards sending to my clients?
Have you asked your Internet provider to use web for free in this purpose? Don't be a miser...
- Can I sell/distribute samples downloaded from you?
No, without any exceptions
- Can you load other version of your sound or clean some clicks/pops?
Some my earlier sounds are put directly from recorder without any editing. Clean versions you can buy on my stock sites (only few dollars)
- I want to put your sound on another site as a source file to download?
I contribute for Freesound, so you can put the link but not the sound as a source file in any format (converted, resampled etc.)
- I want to use your sound in game/song/video that maybe will be selling in the future, can I use it now?
Use it for free but remember about purchasing commercial license when you start selling it.
- I've uploaded your sounds when they were under CC Sampling + License on Freesound 1 - can I use it under this license or not?
You can use it under CC Sampling + License
- RobinHood should give his sounds for free! Why don't you use Public Domain license?
Robin Hood is sharing with the poor not with these who can afford buying sounds or are earning money on my job. You want free? Give away free!

Of course you can ask for permission if you have any doubts or needs.

You can credit me: FxProSound

If you are interested in commercial royalty free professional versions and more sounds look there:



Remember you can hear the full quality of my files only after downloading!

Thank you all the people downloading my sounds for sending me your works using my sounds. I really enjoy hearing and watching it!

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