February 2nd, 2013

On 30th January 2013 I took out with me three sets of wind chimes for recording out in the wild. I was aiming for the same recording location as I used for my previous wind chimes recordings - in November 2012 - but this time a very strong wind was blowing over the more exposed parts, and, on the Hunters' Path from Drewsteignton (Devon, UK), high up on the side of the so-called Teign Gorge above Fingle Bridge, as I was coming out of the woods that clothe the steep valley slopes I was suddenly blasted by a wind of about gale force (force 8 on the Beaufort scale), and realized that my previous recording locations here would most likely be too windy this time for any chimes recordings.

So, I withdrew very slightly back into the top of the woods, descending slightly to just below the top part of the narrow track that ascends steeply from Fingle Bridge to join the Hunters' Path, and found a suitable group of low tree branches that were sufficiently sheltered to be getting a very nice range of wind strength, from very little indeed up to 'fresh' (force 5 on the Beaufort scale), and did my chimes recording there. Then, having completed seven full length chimes recordings, I had just enough time in this short winter day to do a similar length recording just of the wind itself, and, well, this is it!

As well as the wind commotion, actually the River Teign far below was making its own quieter commotion, for it was particularly full after a lot of heavy rain, but during my whole 5+ hours' recording session I could never quite differentiate between the rushing sound of the Teign and the wind.

It is inevitable that the wind commotion will make particularly fatiguing listening when played through anything other than really good speakers / headphones. Also, please note that if you watch the waveform image here on Freesound while playing the excerpts, you will NOT get the proper effect. The big wind gusts sound immensely more powerful and even frightening when you are NOT watching that, so you never know how much more the sound is going to increase, maybe to blow you and indeed the whole of Existence away! :-)

Another listening tip - if you have really good and wide stereo separation you will find that the wind sound is not simply a fluctuating roar (really rather boring!), but a wonderful drama of ogreish 'wind monsters' chasing around here, there, and who knows where! The three-dimensional movement really makes an exciting drama of it all.

This photo shows my recording studio for 30th January 2013 - almost at the top of the north side of the Teign Gorge, and facing obliquely over the valley, so that the great gusts of wind come roaring from the right and then go careering round over and down into the valley. The sets of chimes visible are the Gypsy Mezzo (left, and further away) and the Pluto (right) - though no chimes in this recording.

Looking the other way from near the top of the track ascending from Fingle Bridge, which latter is hidden way down below. The recorder is about 25 metres behind me, just a little down the slope from this track.

Recording made with a Sony PCM-M10 on a Velbon mini-tripod, using the built-in microphones covered with a Rode Dead Kitten.

Please note that all recordings from 5th January to 2nd Feb 2013, inclusive (i.e. including this one) did not receive any correction for high-frequency attenuation caused by the new Rode Dead Kitten windshield. Subsequently I was able to work out a graphic EQ profile to apply to all recordings that used that windshield, and have applied it retrospectively - but I have no plans to go through the hassle of re-uploading here the recordings that originally missed out on that correction.

Therefore, copies of recordings made in that period, including this one, which I supply on CDs or as licensed copies for commercial use, will have better sound quality and will sound clearer, more 'present', and with more precision of detail than what you hear from here.

Please note that only very good speakers / headphones with a very extended and flat frequency response will do this recording real justice, and, as already noted, lesser speakers / headphones would make this sound quite fatiguing to listen to. Please also note that the volume level of this recording has been carefully adjusted for listening purposes, and ALL my recordings so far are meant to be listened to with a volume setting that would give a realistic level for playback of CLASSICAL music (a large but not exceptional symphony orchestra). If you have the right volume setting, you should not need to change that setting from one recording of mine to another.

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