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November 25th, 2021
Playing Sample Science glockenspiel. It sounds like w…
April 22nd, 2020
Scary sound! SFX: a werewolf or a monster.
April 20th, 2020
Hissing sound, cartoon flying device sfx.
April 18th, 2020
Very cute cartoon laugh. One of my favorite pieces of…
March 29th, 2020
Eerie sound, metallic vibration.
March 14th, 2020
Hiccup - cartoon character voice.
March 14th, 2020
Weird laugh (cartoon style).
March 14th, 2020
A scream (cartoon style). Dry sound, no reverb.
March 14th, 2020
Spooky, fearful scream with echo. I was using NCH Sof…
March 14th, 2020
Short and weird sound from a haunted room.
March 14th, 2020
Weird metallic sound from a haunted room.
February 9th, 2020
Playing a tune on my Sample Science Player.