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It is odd to find myself creating this page for music since I mainly think of myself as amixed-media artist who is also a published writer. Not having a musical background for composing, please consider this page to be about various projects-in-progress. Songs for a previous two-cd/download project, "Whispers of Arias" came from a poetry manuscript "Arias, Monologues & Mad Scenes", and it has been my hope over the years that others might take an interest in performing them. As the saying goes: hope springs eternal. Again, musically, I'm not really a composer/arranger but more of a "lyricist" who, as hip hop artists do, sampled music in attempts to create songs for my voice. (Kevin MacLeod of was a huge help in providing backdrops.) When it comes to others adapting any of my works I think of them as templates/palettes to be made use of. My sense is that choral groups/solo artists, (actors & actresses even), and those who work with them in an arranging/conducting capacity, have the best feel for what songs/words, lyrically, establish the groundwork of creative affinity. I like the idea of letting the artists who are doing the interpreting to have as much freedom as needed to play and use the material to pitches of emotional resonance which can do the greatest good.

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