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Hight quality sounds for motion picture, music, games, radio and events.
All Creative Commons 0, 100% free for any commercial and non-commercial use.


∙ Use the sound effects in a creative way as part of an art-form.
∙ Manipulate sound effects files however you like: Eg. edit, transpose, pitch-shift, reverse, layer with other sounds.
∙ Use sound effects as part of commercial or production music.

∙ Sell the sound effects files in any way. (Eg. royalty free stock material)
∙ Make raw sound effects files available to a 3rd party in any way. (Eg. YouTube, SoundCloud or anywhere else)
∙ Sell as ringtones or incorporate raw sound effects files as part of a web or app-based soundboard.
∙ Bundle sounds in physical products such as toys or wearable tech.
∙ Use the sound effects files for social engineering purposes.

Feel free to give me credit, if you want. Let others know in what project you use the sounds and why you like/dislike them. currently previews at 70 Kbps (MP3). Hence preview quality does not ideally reflect the quality of the downloaded file. If a sound does not sound just right, try downloading it before you make a final judgement.

If you have any questions or requests, just drop me a line.

Thank you. Now get out and make something great!

Kinoton's latest sounds

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Cassette static noise recorded from a Technics Stereo Cassette Deck RS-B465

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Single Dog Barking 6x in Garden, Countryside, Golden Retriever, Distant Perspective, Natural Reverb. X-Y Stereo; Recorder / Mic: H4n Pro; ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Made of white noise. Good for video transitions and title design. (Different versions available in transitions pack)