January 5th, 2015

Recorded with Tascam DR-05 at Summernats Hot-rod, Custom-car, and motoring enthusiast's festival, Canberra, Australia, Sunday 4 January 2015 from just outside the event boundary fence and 300 metres from the Burnout Track. Hence, there is some background junk noise from passing traffic, arriving and departing hot-rods and spectators etc.

Burnouts events are extremely popular amongst the 100,000 attendees at the event and feature prominently on the event program. For those who are unfamiliar with a hot-rod burnout, it is held on a purpose-built very short asphalt track with a parking lot bay on one side. Contestants compete in eliminations run, bringing any sort of car or truck with the biggest, baddest, humongous V-8 supercharged or monster turbo-charged engine possible, put on two brand-new passenger-car tyres, come to the start line, and, at the flag drop, open the throttle(s) wide, shift up to top gear, spinning the tyres at about 100 mph on the dial (must have a fast spin), control forward motion with the front brakes and manouever down the track and spin the hot-rod doughnut fashion all over the track, being required to produce instant smoke clouds, continuing smoke clouds for about 2 minutes time, or, until (most likely) the rear spinning tyres wear out and explode (burnout) and the contestant drives off the track on the wheel rims (and whatever is left of the two-minute-old new tyres) to the screams and applause of the massive burnout event track attendees.

I trust you will not abuse your own engines and tyres (and transmissions, and rear differential gears) in this manner every day!


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