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Well, not much to say about myself, but that I love recording and designing sounds and Freesound is a great place to share what I have worked hard on and get constructive feedback and critique.

I can also provide custom sound design work for your project, depending on how busy I am. Please message me if you are interested and/or would like a quote

Most of my samples here are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. As per the terms of this license, you must:
a) Attribute my name: CGEffex
b) Provide a notice of copyright and license (CC BY 3.0)
c) Provide the title of the original work (for example: "Cat_eating_peautbutter.wav")

An ideal attribution may take the form:
This [video/theatre piece/work/...] uses these sounds from
sound1 by user1 (
sound2, sound3 by user2 (

Additionally, I kindly ask that you:
1. Attribute directly in some way.
2. Send me a message letting me know where/how you used my sample. I love hearing stories of people using my sounds all over the world!
3. Upload some sounds yourself! More that half of Freesound users have less that 5 sounds. Make a difference!
4. Tell your friends about the site and help it grow!

New tips and guidelines on my sounds:
1. Preview quality does not ideally reflect the quality of the downloaded file. If a sound does not sound just right, try downloading it before you make a final judgement
2. When listening and/or working with my samples be sure you have a decent pair of speakers or headphones (I use a pair of Sony MDR-XD200 headphones).

CGEffex's latest sounds