March 23rd, 2009

You hear many raven cry.


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    RAScott 6 months, 1 week ago

    Hi, hi Bidone. Thank you for sharing your work. I utilized it in my chat fiction game located below. It was the perfect addition to the Gemini vs Pisces fight. I made sure to give you credit. Thanks again!

    BOTI: We All Fall is a single-player, epic fantasy, RPG. It follows Pisces, a greenhorn necromancer and a member of the prestigious Stein family. Stein, his father is seen as a Divinity. Stein is strong, intelligent, level-headed, and durable. His children, The Zodiacs are demanded to be the same. Pisces struggles to adhere to his family’s legacy of strength but in a confrontation, even verbally, he loses. He disappoints his father and disgusts his mother with each failure. Determined to prove everyone wrong, he summons the courage to change his future by stealing them away from others.
    • BOTI: We All Fall’s use of narrative experiences means that players can watch and play a part in Pisces’ growth as a person for better or worse.
    • Put bullies in their place.
    • Face corpses head-on.
    • Learn to recreate the body of the dead and control them.
    • Battle the other Zodiacs.
    • Make strategic moves in order to take over the city of Sunshine Valley and start an all-out war with the country of Igoine
    Sometimes the underdog can turn into a wolf, and if you’re not a part of its pack, it’ll eat you alive.

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    fisch000 8 months, 1 week ago

    They are clearly ravens

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    jesperkofod 2 years, 10 months ago

    These are not ravens.

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    SterckxS 2 years, 11 months ago

    thankyou for this clean sound. i used the sounds with my relaxation ambience film here's a link:

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    voxchops 3 years ago

    Thank you! I'll be using this in my storytelling podcast Dark and twisty Tales! The story is called "The raven"

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