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Everything is Creative Commons so Enjoy and be creative!
(except 'Clown World composition' which has to be Attribution).

I'm new to this and I have loads of ideas, I'm just getting started!

I make sound stories with sound effects just for fun and I like playing vocal / speech clips with different accents and dialects to my family. I find it very amusing - much to their annoyance (he he! the fun is mine!) I have quite a few instruments which I'm getting around to recording, as I'm getting into making music so I'm sharing anything that might be useful for others.

I use an Olympus L5-P1 sound recorder except 'Sounds of India' which i made years ago with just a camera.
Voice sample requests welcome.

Anzbot's latest sounds

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More moves with the Cabasa (percussion instrument with a wooden handle and metal beads that wrap around it on a ...

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Not even sure how I made these noises...! Lovely wooden clicks though, could be used for variety of things

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me and some of my strange, but genuine, laughter for something medium-funny. (The full-blown cackle might get recorded one day ...

March 27th, 2021
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me saying that. I find it handy to play loudly when people seem to forget to close that f***** door! ...

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me saying "Wakey wakey, eggs and bacey!" with authentic, actual fried eggs cooking in the background. Alarm clock for child!