February 27th, 2015

This is an updated (improved is debatable) version of my previous electric contact stun gun firing sound, except longer and without peaking. Oh and higher sampling rate so you can hear all the higher frequencies better when you pitch it down.

You'll immediately notice it sounds like the boring buzz of a bee. Oh well, not like you'll get a lightning storm.

That's about it. Don't forget to have fun.

Copy pasta
Also commonly and incorrectly referred to as a "Taser" which is on the same level as calling a magazine a "clip". See Google for more info.

I can't help that it sounds like a bee. Also if it's too short, you'll have to make it longer in your DAW.

Uses (apart from videos that involve a stun gun or maybe a real Taser brand Taser): magic lighting zaps? A game show buzzer?

Possible VST modifications

Reverb: Sound impulses for speakers

Distortion (Guitar style): Military style radio noise

Chorus/flange: Science sounding things

Pitch: At -30 semitones you get some low pitched sound similar to a airsoft AEG which may be ideal for montage airsoft videos where piles of Tokyo Marui M4s traditionally muffled by the GoPro waterproof case. // At -45 semitones you resemble gun fire at a distance. Mathematically at 10 RPS (600 RPM) you could use this as a sit in for a distant fired AK-47 rifle ideal for video games, war movies, mods, etc. Apply a resonant filter and some reverb for appropriate outdoor acoustics. And nobody will know your distant machine gun sound was a civilian stun gun except for us semi colon right parenthesis. Or you could also apply ringmod at ~9000 Hz to simulate ear ringing for those PTSD scenes. Or some GAU-8 Avenger.

Trimming + looping + pitch: If you can loop this properly in a DAW you could even create a saw style bass for electronic dance music.


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    Donmann 3 years, 8 months ago

    Cool beans! thanks

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