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cool stuff

this saved me. thx bro



I'll hopefully be using this on my YouTube channel Mewtwobe :3

Excelente ! Gracias !

A note: I see that some of your files are in 24 bitdepth, keep in mind that if someone wants to program this into a game or something in Java, they must use external libraries because Java sound does not support 24bitdepth, only 8 and 16.

For people that aren't geeks: It's easier for people to program in 16 bit audio. Just a recommendation, maybe post a file with 24 bits and 16 bits?

I really hope you can help me out. I need a female voice to say:'' Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to another mixtape by Onez, enjoy the sounds!

and ''Thank ...

Wooop hooop jesters. Dead.

Hi guys,

I'm searching for someone that can help me create a very short intro for my YouTube channel (currently at 3.6k subs and over half a million views). I ...

it works gr8



i love nice man

Your sounds are helping to keep my baby sleeping soundly. Many thanks from a tired Mom. smile

Used it in a playful bit of time lapse here:-

Perfect, thank you