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Very good, just too long.

Very Great Quality sound for real, using it for a game developpement this is gonna be played while fighting a boss thank you for you good work !

I will use this for a Red Ribbon Parade that occurred in the community and I don't have a clear band sound for it, so this is perfect. smile Thank you

Nice clean sound! Just what I was looking for.

super short!

using for a podcast smile

this is great

gud sond grin

nice one

Very nice God bless you, I will use it

Ahhhhhh love it! So chill! This is going in my music playlist for sure.

thank you

You have no idea how much I needed that exact sound. Thanks for making it.

love it

I think that it is hilarious that all you did was let all the tabs play on GarageBand and everyone thinks this is awesome. Haha