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Keeper. Thanks Mr. Mod.

Thanks a mill

awesome! just what i was looking for! thanks.

perfect sound Thank You

Creepy, but exactly what I'm looking for! tongue

Thanks a lot! This sound is perfect for a transition in a PowerPoint slideshow about a drunk protagonist.

GREAT VOICE. I may have a request for you soon. so, hopefully when you are needed you are available

love it .. thanks

Hi all,

I recently found out about this site and the tremendous resource it is and wanted to extend a thank you to all of the people contributing such high ...

This sounds quite nice for what it is, reminds me of some of the music openings from the game 'Diablo 2', I plan on using this a opening piece to something else in a game, but can't say if it will get off the ground. Anyway, thank for the sound!


Wait. That's not loopable.

Thanks, Merci pour ce whoosh wink

Using it as a SFX for a 5 minute short Horror film