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jamesabdulrahman wrote:
The Freesound forums are no more an appropriate place for blogging than a busy public library is an appropriate place to start a barbecue.

Absolute gold! Priceless!

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"For some man the amen break is considered a joke"

"iam the same lil nigger who taught your brother to smoke"

Perfect for broadcast interruption, thanks so much smile

when i tried to download this it gave me an unopenable file....suggestions?


This is great

I've been trying to figure out what's making the factory noise at 19:18-19:45.Can someone help me figure what this noise is at the beginning of this time stamp? Id be ...

Using this when making special PA announcements at the office tongue.


very good! thanks

Great sound

Thanks grin

thankyou so much <3

Nice! I hope it is okay if I use this for my RPG grin
Kudos to you! ^-^