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    It depends on what kind of music you'll mostly be doing.
    This one has more note keys and less knobs so it fits someone who mostly plays.
    (That said, I have 5 octaves and sometimes they're not enough for piano-like playing)
    Some have less note keys and more knobs, more suitable for dj-like work, heavily tweaking effects on ready made sounds rather than playing the keyboard.
    Pure dj consoles have no note keys at all, like the one I've seen demoed with Mixxx.

    The only feature (from relevant to niche depending on your goals) I don't see mentioned on the one you posted is aftertouch; it's only useful with synths supporting it, I don't have it on my old synth, and since it can be triggered in the DAW it's not a show stopper unless needed for live performance.

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    Cool, I think this one looks fantastic, but will take aboard your advice! I will mostly do house music, minimal house, which I think would be quite easy with this MIDI controller, its also dead cheap too, just need some software now lol