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    continue carefully to discuss. I go outdoor once again. with my recorder!!

    miepmiep, beep me up scotty

    To hear, you first have to listen
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    Intelligent aliens would not contact us after watching our planet and race conditions.
    Stupid aliens would not develop space travels technology.
    Average aliens... like us, I suppose: self-intoxicating and bombing each others while looking at the stars

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    I fell in love with an alien being
    Whose skin was jelly whose flesh was green
    She had the big bug-eyes and the death-ray glare
    Feet like water-wings,purple hair
    I was over the moon,I asked her back to my place
    Then I married the monster from Outer Space.

    The days were numbered,the nights were spent
    In a rent-free oxygen apartment tent
    Where the sideboard chef served up moonbeams
    Done super-rapid on a laser beam
    I needed nutrition to keep up the pace
    When I married the monster from Outer Space

    We walked together,tentacle in hand
    You could sense that the earthlings did not understand
    They went nudge-nudge as we got on the bus
    Saying "it's extra-terrestial,NOT LIKE US"
    And it's bad enough with another race
    But f#%k me,a monster from Outer Space

    In a cybernetic fit of rage
    She pissed off to another age
    She lives in 1999
    With her new boyfriend,a blob of slime
    Whenever I see her translucent face
    I remember the monster from Outer Space

    John Cooper Clark

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    About 250 000 different species (!) or much more visiting the Earth since some years, and your are asking THAT questions? grin
    ...on the other hand - yes, we are alone, we are so blinded with our uniqueness, that we don't want to consider anything greater than us. Even our "Gods" are a concepts created by our egocentric minds... (-:

    Oftentimes - we feel alone among other people, even family or friends, or within ourselves.
    But we never are alone. Is the Universe needed to point that issue as something vital?

    (-; - independent research on sound and consciousness - best sounds for extraordinary inner experiences
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    I always wonder the same question.. I mean, I don't think this entire universe was created just for us.. maybe there's parallel solar systems exactly like ours? I dunno..

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    The dude speaks the truth.