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    mojomills TAPE Collection

    I've recently uploaded over 200 samples to the freesoundiverse.
    The inspiration for this collection was inspired by Collab Dare 2 in the Dare the Community forum.

    These samples were recorded on cassette tape using a Tascam Porta 02 mk II.
    The instruments used were recorded with a selection of SM57 and SM58 microphones.
    Each sample was meticulously edited to length with no additional processing.
    All the grit and hiss you'd expect to hear from cassette is fully intact in all its nostalgic glory.

    You can find all the samples in packs on my sample packs page.
    Each pack begins with "mojomills TAPE (instrument)".

    Here's a list of all the sample packs you'll find:

    - mojomills TAPE Ac Guitar
    (six steel string guitar)

    - mojomills TAPE Bass
    (four string finger bass DI)

    - mojomills TAPE El Guitar
    (six string Stratocaster DI)

    - mojomills TAPE Hand Drum
    (REMO Hand Drum)

    - mojomills TAPE Kalimba
    (big ol' wooden kalimba)

    - mojomills TAPE Misc
    (various sounds including slinky samples, my voice, tape hiss, and a replica revolver)

    - mojomills TAPE Piano
    (Falcone upright piano, STEREO!!!)

    - mojomills TAPE Pill Bottle
    (pill bottle used as shaker)

    - mojomills TAPE Shaker
    (shaker in the shape of an avocado)

    - mojomills TAPE Slide Guitar
    (six string Stratocaster DI using ceramic slide)

    Download to your hearts content and check out my other sounds while your at it.
    Thanks and have fun!

    - Jordan Mills

    mojomills Sample Packs
    The 2nd Collab Dare - the lost and found tapes

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