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    Why can't I download?

    On a Mac, I did Control + Click > Download File and I thought that downloaded the sound file. But now i'm looking at the files, they're saved as HTML pages...

    Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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    I've got Firefox. I click on the picture of the waveform(guess you did that)open up the dialog where
    you must either vote or comment(or should). What I need to do is bring the cursor over to the box
    at the top right. I left click, get the drop down menu. Then I select "Save Link As". One of your folders

    will open up. You look at file type, to see if that's what you want(I choose Microsoft Wave, which is a .wav
    file, or click the arrow to find the file type you want. Then you click the button that says Save.
    If the file does not save to that folder, you've got another problem. You need to wait for some time,
    depending on the size of the file, and you should see the time left in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

    That is how I save with firefox.


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