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    Thank you to aspie and kwahmah_02 for introducing themselves.

    I am happy putting that url on my sound description inspired you to make some of your own recordings.

    Enjoy Freesound.

    I want to believe.
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    Hi Guys!

    Thelethe here! (ya thats my soundcloud username) I am a sound/music enthusiast and I ended up in this page while searching for free sounds on the internet. Well, I got the link on my DAW (FLStudio) and here I am.


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    I'm a musician.

    songs & details:

    instruments, hardware & software that I use:

    a danelectro bass, a strat, some softsynths, presonus studio one, scarlett focusrite 8i6

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    Hello world!
    I've been lurking here for a few years now and finally decided to introduce myself.
    I am 21 years old from Norway and have been meddling in sound tech and electronic music production for five or six years. I really enjoy working with samples, and that is how I found Freesound in the first place. I love working with noise music and lo-fi field recordings. I've also been working a bit with tape loops etc.

    My current projects:
    Sound design for YEARN, a game by TripleRam Games (this is my job)
    Finishing my debut album. (a IDM and noise inspired project)

    Hardware I use:
    -Various homemade contact mics
    -various walkmen
    -A Sanyo(?) dual cassette player/recorder/dubber (sorry cant remember model right now)
    -Tandberg 15-21 Reel to Reel
    -Korg MS20
    -Focusrite Scarlet 2i2
    -Self built computer from 2014
    -Macbook Pro early 2011 (I think)
    AND! I bought a new MacBook Pro today!! #hype
    next investment will probably be an RME Babyface (the newes one) or an UAD

    Software I use:
    -Ableton Live Suite (DAW of choice)
    -C74 Max MSP
    -FMOD Studio
    -iZotope RX
    -various other stuff

    Some plug-ins I use:
    -YMCK Magical 8bit Plug (one of my absolute faves)
    -some homemade max msp stuff
    -Waves CLA collection, SSL collection, Maxxbass, L3 and more
    -Camelaudio Camelcrusher
    -FabFilter ProQ2
    -NI Kontakt and Reactor
    -various TAL stuff
    -various 4front stuff

    Some of my music can be found here: (Primary project) (Private user) (Some vid I made for an art installation I did in 2015)

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    Hello l4ff3n

    Thanks for introducing yourself and providing a very detailed view of your gear and musical style.
    The dares have not been very active lately, but just happens I recently posted a new dare.
    Maybe you would like to have a go?
    I had a quick listen on Soundcloud and you seem to have an interest in old tapes. This dare could be a good match.

    I want to believe.
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    Hey Alien! I actually wanted to reply, but had to wait for the introduction post to be moderated. The Old tapes 1 track should be relevant, so I'll write up a description and post it in the dare! smile

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    (deep breath)...ok here I go. My name is Eric. I am a man and I was drugged and gang raped, and as difficult as this is to post this so publicly, I am doing so because I can't get justice for what happened to me, because the only proof I have is on a 2.5 hr clip of a video I made on my laptop webcam. This video is how I learned of my attack, and I took it to police as soon as I became aware of what I was hearing in the background. My story is so unbelievable, that I was never taken seriously, and despite my efforts to sound the alarm and turn the light on the truth, nobody will help me, and unfortunately unless I can take them a clear sample of audio which clearly proves to them what happened to me, this fantastic example of injustice will remain unchallenged. I have posted a small clip which I have recorded using a compressor on wavepad, but there is some sort of voice distorter being used which makes it very hard to make out. I think it is called an "echo". Anyone who takes this challenge and decides to help me will obviously need to contact me privately and more information can be discussed at that time. The clip provided is to prove to anyone willing to help me that something significant has been overlooked here and that the police have made a huge error in judgement in this case.
    Thank you all for your time and consideration.

    The truth about injustice always sounds outrageous, and is glaring for those who aren't blinded by prejudice.
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    I am not sure what it is that your asking.
    Do you want someone to "undo" soundeffects (echo) on a audio sample?
    Can you post a small piece to let us know how the effect sounds?
    Perhaps you find a sample that lets us here the effect without being to personal for you.


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    sorry for any confusion. What I am asking is for, and what I need is to have all the foreground noise ( audible conversation, dog barking, stereo music, etc...) removed so that the whispered conversations that are taking place can at least be heard. I don't need anything undone, I just need all the other noise removed or the dialogue in the background isolated and so that it can be heard. I did post a short clip, but I will post another now.
    I should also say that at the time I recorded this video, there were only 3 people, including myself, that I was aware of were in my home, and I at the very least need to be able to prove that there are other people in my home, but the goal is to get a clear enough piece of this audio where the people who assaulted me are talking about what was taking place. I am going to post a clip where I believe that is taking place. Thank you again.
    The posting will be under my profile, hopefully I do it right.

    The truth about injustice always sounds outrageous, and is glaring for those who aren't blinded by prejudice.
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    Sure! Ill give this a go!


    I'm an 18 year old guy from England, I am currently a studying Games Development B-Tec Level 3 at a Sixth Form College. My main aim is to produce AAA title games! I guess you can say I set my goals extremely high, but as I was taught: "Aim high and you miss the moon, you still land on a star" Or something like that... I've been wondering around this sight like a lose sheep for some time and occasionally post some music I make. I started using programs such as FL Studio to make basic loops for my games and everything took off there I guess...


    Currently none, but do message me in the future if anyone gets curious as to what i'm up to!

    System Specs:

    A gaming PC!!
    Processor- Intel i5 4670k overclocked @4Ghz
    RAM- 16GB DDR3 @1600Mhz
    Graphics Card- Nvidia GTX 970 4GB
    etc etc...


    I guess FLStudio but I will probably move on to other programs in future! smile
    Audacity for recording my finshed projects and editing.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm a self-taught hand drummer (djembe, cajon, darabuka, congas, bongos and so the list unfolds...) with a particular love for all the shakers, tambourines and other sound making oddities. Playing in several bands I try to use them to add some flavour to my drumming.
    Here you can see a video of my band if you like. The name is impossible to spell but I hope you'd like the music: This one is an old Polish folk song in our grunge-folk style by the Żmij band and here you can see how do we look with a chamber orchestra
    I work in a sample creating company, called Lucidsamples (sorry for unintended advertising), but I love to bind all my life with music
    For the gear and computer, it is nothing special, but very handy
    an ordinary laptop
    Zoom H1 recorder (which is not so ordinary)
    Presonus Studio One for longer works and Audacity for cutting the material from rehearsals
    and G-Stomper studio for mobile music creations on Android smartphone during long travels
    It is nice to meet you all!

    Make music not war.
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    Well howdy!
    My first sound is available now *Cough* so may as well say hi!
    I'm CaptainDrewBoy (or 'Cap', 'Drew' or whatever you wanna call me).
    I'm here to help people by uploading cool sounds, whilst finding good ones for my own projects.
    I'm a dab hand at programming, and my favourite music tool is Sonic Pi.

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    Hello, to cut a long summary short: My name is Andre, or Mister Pietroschek, if you prefer it more formal, and I am a 47 years old German author & online content creator. Sometimes editor and publisher.

    I literally returned from the urban homeless some years ago, and German bureaucracy will gladly ensure that I, like anyone else, am knocked between unemployment and short-time, low-pay jobs. Right now I live in a city-quarter, where most "unwanted persons" have to restart their lives, so I am very busy evading the less recovered variants of psychos, muggers, drug-wrecks, and barely legal hoodlums. Oh, and yeah, could also mean I have a criminal streak in my own personality.

    Only reason to mention this:

    My "equipment", so far, was an aging Chromebook R13, with whatever #freeware & #APPS I could find.

    I am NOT doing music, at least not beyond fixing my own files for meditation. I do #storytelling & experimental #audiodrama, as a hobby and for sale.

    My profile gives some LINKS, but I can add a #freebie site:

    When I create a story, then I write it, turn it audio, filter it, add equalizer, and (where legal) I also do the adding of background music,or sound effects, manually.

    That is the little progress I made. Could be I must teach myself basic movie animation, but I am neither motivated, nor blind to my sales stuck close to zero, too.


    mors tua vita mea