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I am 41 from the SF East Bay area. I love music as a whole and it is my entertainment. I was named after Eric Clapton, and was raised with Classic Rock blaring from my Dad's speakers throughout. I am a Stevie Nicks FANATIC! I have been a wholesale manager for an auto parts company for the past decade. I am a poet, yet priest of nothing. I was a victim of violent crime, and I joined freesound hoping to find someone willing to help me right a wrong,and the best way I can think of to do that is to illuminate the truth for once and for all, and as determined as I am, I'm simply not enough. I need help, and ask any of you who might be wanting to do something for no other reason than humanity to help me, and perhaps become a crucial part of something "bigger" than just this circumstance. I have no shame in saying that I was gang raped after being drugged by the person I was dating, who is involved in this sort of thing, and somehow I made a video which recorded the people who were hiding in my house talking about how they had already raped me on my birthday months earlier, and this 3 day weekend would be similar. I don't remember why I made this video, but I went to great lengths to make sure they wouldn't know I was recording. I don't want that to be in vain. Police will not investigate further unless the audio is cleared up. NO ENHANCEMENTS, only filters pls. Thank you all.

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This is a small clip which I made playing the original video on my laptop and recording it on my ...