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Yansa, sculptor and self-taught musician, manipulate the material and the waves.
Some steel emerge characters and masks influenced by the primitive arts. The raw material resulting for the main part of the recycling of old tools, vestiges of a former(old) craft activity recycled in assemblies of rooms of steels. Diverted from their first function, they resume life through to be created, so the past history gives way to the imagination.
The new generation building materials such as the cellular concrete mixes to techniques and ancestral materials as the lime, the cultures collide, giving birth to composites... The ideas appear according to the readings and the meetings. Here a MO'AI pulled of " Blast, album illustrated with Manu Larcenet " or there, a tile shows its feelings.
His music, melancholic and grave, draws the feelings of the meeting of Trip Hop of " Massive Attack and Porthishead " and of the music with scratching in the influences Hip-hop of " Cut Chimiste and DJ Krush ".

His compositions cross the old sound illustrations and the rhythms of the contemporary urban musics. The art of the mix on vinyl records, using the diverse techniques of of djing to shake the spirits following the example of the body.

Yansa mix, grind, welds, scratches, rub with enjoyment, insatiable ploughman of long-playing record, he gives material on second thought.


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