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Superb replacement for OEM loudspeakers. These speakers fit effectively inside my '17 Forester forward doors. Had to alter the enclosure from the original speakers to slip these. They are a great upgrade to the standard speakers that come with the car. In addition, I also installed some installment payments on your 15" PowerBass mid-tweeters in the dash corner position with bass blocking capacitors at 1. 2kHz. Along, these make very clean detailed sound with correct low end response.

We would not recommend these speakers to anyone who wants to hear tons of bass or who like to push their system to the limit. These aren't "enthusiast" loudspeakers, they are for folks who listen at moderate levels and want good complete performance with accurate response. Contemplate the price... They will are not expensive and shouldn't be compared to premium level offerings that cost 2 or 3x.

Overall, I really like them. These kinds of, the in-dash tweeters, and bass blockers I received all for less than $75 on Amazon. I am just with them with the stock head unit and it's plenty loud for my needs.
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