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April 8th, 2007

Young pigs' slaughter. WARNING: this particular sample is very moving, at least for me. It begins with a cry and slowly fades out as the poor creature dies. Recorded in a country house's open yard near Cabra, S Spain. Sennheiser ME66 + MKH30, Shure FP24 preamp, Edirol R09 recorder. It was very hard for me to record this so I hope it's any use.
EDIT: I feel the need to clarify. This is the traditional way of killing the pig in Spanish (and many other countries) rural environment. It is based on bleeding (severance of the major blood vessels), which is not the norm in industrial slaughter houses nowadays (where stunning is applied previously to reduce suffering). I uploaded this to document a traditional practice - very cruel in my opinion - , for the sake of anthropological interest if you wish. Listeners can extract her/his own ethic/moral implications.


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    AJHunter 8 years ago

    This... This is perfect for a horror-themed noise track I'm working on. Thanks for having the guts to record it!

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    SJLewis 8 years ago

    Oh No! That Was Sad :)

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    Alucard-sama 8 years ago

    I just burst into tears in the middle of class. That's a sound that stays with you. Fucking hell... I'm on the verge of tears now.

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    Dear god that's horrible hehehe
    Anyway, thanks. Needed this one song and had to wait like 20 minutes to make an account and everything. I'm so pissed off.

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    ShaunGardner 8 years, 1 month ago

    Same that Halal meat is killed I think. Not nice.Barbaric.

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