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Rob Nadigel is well known across the globe as an entertainer that brings joy to adults and kids using his outrageous, funny and unique personality. Rob is known as DJ Emotion, and started spinning at age 15, working weddings, nightclubs, Bar Mitzvahs, and everything in between. DJ Emotion’s specialty is cruise ship entertainment where he traveled the world for years and explored every avenue imaginable in the world of a DJ.

Rob has seen many fine DJs and most of them are awesome entertainers, DJs and people. Rob found that most DJs aren’t savvy about marketing themselves. That’s why Rob Nadigel started a DJ Marketing company to help his DJ comrades look more professional, get the better gigs, make more money, and live the lifestyle of their dreams. In 2009 he started providing professional presentations of DJ’s experience. A DJ Press Kit is required to get the great gigs. Rob creates the best available and they absolutely work.

Rob does full service marketing for DJs including DJ Logos, Laptop Skins, Logo Magnets, Voiceovers, DJ Drops, all things that DJs need to make them stand above the rest. DJs must update their DJ Drops once a month so they don’t get stale. His DJ friends use female drops, special effects, male and celebrities. Visit The DJ Emotion Brand is familiar around the world, and is well known for stellar customer service at every interaction. Rob currently manages the entertainment department for the new Hudson’s Club in Calgary Canada, and DJs there as well. Rob is well connected to Princess and Carnival Cruise Lines, so he recruits DJs to travel the world with them. Connect with Rob

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