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Hello everyone!

I am the keyboardist of Swedish Melodic Death Metal band Archaea. The music of our first full length album, Catalyst, can be found here: http://open.spotify.com/album/5o7B3ayTur6GRpxM0PACFR

It can also be downloaded here for a small fee: https://archaeaswe.bandcamp.com/releases

Like our Facebook page for news and more music: https://www.facebook.com/Archaeaswe

Samples collected from Freesound.org can be found on the following tracks:
Wind by stormpetrel at the end of track 4: Cryosphere
Fire by Dynamicell at the end of track 5: Pyrochrysalis
Waves by juskiddink at the end of track 6: Salt
Rain and thunder by FlatHill at the end of track 6: Salt
Wind by felix.blume at the beginning and end of track 8: His Wanted Position

All contributors have been credited in the booklet of the album. Archaea would like to thank Freesound.org and its contributors for all the excellent samples!

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