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Hi there!
I am with audio for more than 40 years and still counting.

In my former professional life, I worked as a sound-engineer for rental-companies.
It was a very "regular" career. First I became a stage-hand and Roadie, then I was allowed to mix some local bands and after some years of experience I finally made it behind a desk of some quite well known bands, mostly musicals and some other stuff.

Meanwhile I changed my profession and became an IT-consultant. That is closer to (live) sound-engineering as it may appear. Conducting the chaos!.
Today I do sound-engineering as a hobby and keep trying to meet the former standards.
Sometimes I do a live recording and if I have the time to do so, I do some "natrual sound" recordings and most of them in surround and/or ambisonic.'s latest sounds has not uploaded any sounds...