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    reggae, dancehall, raggamuffin vocal samples wanted

    if anyone has any acapella reggae vocal samples from Sizzle, Beanie Man, Buju, Bounty Killa, or anyone similar to those artists, please hit me up. even if they are acapella versions of their songs, or just one liners. thanks!!

    one love!


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    there will be no exchanging of illegal samples on this website, thank you.

    - bram

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    At the admin guy: Depends he's probably using them for his own ametuer remixes, so its probably perfectly fine

    At the guy who started the thread: I don't know of any full a capella reggae vocals for full songs. I do know many songs where there is a rasta man saying stuff at the beginning, and those make cool samples. Here's a playlist of some ones I found:;=mh_lolz

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