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    Herone wrote:
    Hey can u make me a vocal

    Fuck here right in the pussy

    It's for hardstyle

    I bout pissed myself on this one.

    Would anyone be willing do knock out a good FJ tag for me?

    It needs to say: d'Artagnon (pronounced dar-TÄN-yun).
    I'm looking for both masculine (strong, deep, amelodic)
    and feminine (light, "sexy", a melodic) versions.

    They'll be featured in most of my edits and mixes, as well as all of my live shows.
    I have one coming up in a week or so, so the soonest I could get a few the better.

    You will be credited.
    Thanks mates.

    d'Artagnon DJ, DMJ (dance music junkie), and designer
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    Hello !

    Pour ceux qui comprennent mon langage je cherche une voix. Si c'est possible de me le faire j'en serai très reconnaissant.

    Alors je veux une qui disent :

    Underground of the life

    Thanks smile

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    Can I please have some vocals that simply say "3, 2, 1, Here we go" in a deep, defqon 1 style voice. Thank you in advance.

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    Can someone please make these vocals:

    We need hard,
    we need style.
    Our music is endless
    Hardstyle is where we for stands !

    Maybe a little dark, singing and euphoric.
    I know is's really hard to combinate those.

    So I hope that somebody accept the challenge

    Thanks you guys !


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    Hello Peepz,

    I would like to have the following text/ words spoken:

    The Universe ....Ever expanding... unstopable sequences of fysics...created a World full of hardstyle .....


    The universe

    I played your game. Now its time you play mine !!

    Thanks in advance

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    tekgnosis can you please mail my facebook page about doing some vocals for a hardstyle track of mine message me and i will send what i have over to you smile

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    Can someone pls help me and make a these as Hardstyle vocals or someting like that:
    Thx guys!

    We are the immortalz.

    There is now way to die.

    Mayby we got one chance.

    we always stay and try.

    We are The immortalz

    Ready to attack.

    Hardstyle is our weapon.

    And there is now way Back.

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    Damn tekgnosis!

    I love your voice, are you still active hre? If so, i will probably have the one or other job for you wink

    It would be nice, if you could message me!

    If you want and are interested, you can take a look on my soundcloud:

    Don't forget to write me man wink

    Best regards

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    Hey.... I am a hardstyle producer and would really love if someone said the following

    There lives a guy in the country of the Himalayas. A place where hard dance music is not admired yet. But he pursues to make it one of the popular genres here. He wants people to know the true meaning of hardstyle. He wants people to know the true emotion of hardstyle. A genre which people think is aggressive and made for raves. He wants people to know hardstyle is not about that only. He is one of the many travellers on this path . He wants to show that hardstyle is not just a genre. Its a lifestyle. He is Overtune.

    while saying 'Its a lifestyle' It needs to be said in a way so that it can be used as a predrop vocal..
    And while saying 'he is overtune' it needs to said a little bit aggressively

    Thank you <3