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    Thanking a large group of sound creators

    Hi all! I just got flagged for SPAM while trying to personally comment on the pages of every sound/creator I used in my podcast because I want to make sure they can verify I gave them credit.

    I guess someone thought my form letter with variations was obnoxious, and maybe it was (and if so, I apologize) but I had the best of intentions because I appreciate being able to use the sound resources and wanted to communicate that.

    If someone uses the work of many creators in a project, and they want to make sure those creators know they are properly attributed, what's the best way to do it without being annoying or getting flagged as spam? There are just only so many different ways to phrase things and share a link to where the work can be listened to.

    I verbally thanked every creator whose work I used at the end of episodes where their sounds are used, and I posted a text list of sounds and creators I used on a couple of the pages where my podcast has a presence.

    I feel hesitant to share any link or information about my podcast here now because I don't want to be flagged for advertising or spam.

    The project is free to listen to by the way. It COSTS me money. It's not a business in case anyone wonders. I did just put up a fund raising page if people want to help me make more time to work on it since times are hard for everyone, and I'm a performer who isn't allowed to have audiences because of Covid and a single dad.

    So A) I apologize if I did something wrong- I didn't mean to.


    B) Does anyone know what the best way to contact large numbers of folks is (many say they WANT to know when their stuff is used) without making a mess here.

    Thanks to all of you here. Great people, great talent. Much love!


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    Hi there Walt

    You got flagged as spam because you were linking an external URL multiple times.

    The best approach for this is to create a forum post in Forum - Your Work Made With Freesounds with your list of thanks and credits to authors and the external URL. Then when you send out many comments you can link the URL. The spam filter should leave you alone.

    I hope this was helpful

    Best wishes,

    I am the thing that goes bump in the night...

    The Freesound Team

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