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    I have not started it yet, but I am going to work on it this time around (even if there is no voting or competition as such). I do think, though, a break is required. Perhaps start it again in a couple months or so (that's would be a bit untimely, too, since the summer break is going to start).

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    I'm new to FS dares, think it's amusing -
    but I'm not a pro thus find dare12 rather strict.
    I'll wait for a more free and musical challenge wink

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    I'm very sorry for my absence in dare 11. Work has got the better of me, and i don't think i'll have the time to make it in dare 12 either. Family first you know, but i'll surely be back when i have time to make anything desent. I hope i'm excused smile

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    Thank you to all that have answered so far.

    Yes, I know! I will struggle with this myself. The point really was to get people who never made a soundscene to try and make onw wink

    I want to believe.
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    I wont be making one this time around. I'm going travelling for the next few weeks.

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    A day in the life of a sadist, I suppose.

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    here is my entry:

    i decided to impress upon you, something that i feel most wont relate to,
    of when i spent three months in a juvenile mental/detainment facility

    its always just too bright, the pink tinted fluorescent overhead, that turns on every night. at daytime its always just to dim, with the only light source being a small 4x8 inch window. one hour is given each day to be outside, on a small cement court surrounded by walls, 15 minutes per each meal, and 5 minutes to shower.
    repeat day after day. always a slight pang of hunger, and a dull resonating pain. taps can be heard on the walls, a meaningless morse code.
    each day to sit on the ever so slightly padded cement slab, and stare out the window, into an empty sky.
    regrets wash over as acid, each time eroding reality and creating insanity.
    sometimes the only way to escape, is to scream.

    samples (in chronological order)

    overdrive, degrade, cut, rearranged, looped
    leslie pan, pitch, delay, cut, timestretched, reassembled, and
    timestretched again
    overdrive, degrade, tracker, cut, rearanged, looped
    detune, ambience, delay, pitch up, cut timestretched, reassembled, and
    timestretched again
    pitch down, tremolo, delay, sub-bass buffer
    ring mod, test tone, combo filter, resampled, timestretched
    degrade, cut, looped
    sub-bass buffer, pitch down, ambience, timestretched
    high frequency buffer, pitch up, ambience delay, timstretched

    thanks to all who made this dare possible; this dare has really helped me get something out there, that i wouldn't even like to imagine the emotional damage leaving it inside would do.

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    Ever feel like your brain wasn't really working correctly, like an old hard drive? That's been me for a few weeks so I tried to capture that particular feeling and frustration with this dare.
    Here's the link to my offering:

    dare-12 sounds:
    (this sound is the only one I used any effects on. I created the "broken brain" sounds from it with GRM Shuffle)

    non-dare-12 sounds:

    sounds. good. -Joanna Geralyn
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    Here's my entry (Sorry, I had to go back to my roots, and yes, sorry, too that this isn't exactly what the dare initially wanted. Just tried to take a different day in a life.):

    A day in the life of a dance studio goer (me):
    People are getting ready for a dance studio session, and then, because afleetingspeck was present there, too... "in the dance studio" happens.

    I had always, always, always wanted to use the room reverb effects in Reason, and this was the perfect dare for it! I have used relatively few effects, however.
    Room reverb, as mentioned, was one of them (used on all channels to bring everything to the dance floor), and I boosted some low end on the footstomp sample (non-dare-12 sample). I also used delay on Puniho's djembe sample. Lastly, I used audition's mastering (subtle clarity option) to boost a little mid and high end, and voila! The end part of the scene (if you can call it that) is very "desi".


    Dare-12 sounds used:
    150988, 150948, 151251, 151146, 151346, 151347, 151345, 151247, 151250, 151106
    (My post kept on getting considered spam with all the links, but I have all the links on the soundcloud page).

    Non-dare-12 sounds used:

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    Dear Freesounders

    Apologies for my silence in the last week or so.
    I am in the middle of changing jobs and life just had to take priority.
    I am out all day today again but will be able to blose the submissions, as scheduled.

    Hopefully my life will have returned to normal when we start the next dare.

    I want to believe.
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    Here is my entry for this dare, I hope you like it!

    Its 13 july 1944.
    A 21 year old belgium soldier is dropped from a plane at Helfaut +_ 5 kilometer from Saint -Omer in France.
    Its a nice night for a jump, no wind, and not alot of light........
    He is supposed to go and look around inside what the french call "La Coupole"
    He doesnt know what his mission is, they told him:"just go and look around!"
    Wondering why they send him, just a simple soldier, he finds his way to his "entry point".
    He opens the cover and a bright bleu light shines over him, he climbs down the stairs.
    Down below, he cannot believe his eyes and whispers to himself:" Where am I?"...................

    (So you catch the atmosphere)

    I used the following samples to make this:


    And 3 non dare-12 samples:


    Thanx for the nice samples everybody!!
    I had a great time making this! smile

    Record all the crap you can!! doesnt matter if it sounds like shit.
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    Dear friends

    Closing the dare 12 for submissions.
    If you missed it... there is always next month's dare (which will open within a week or less)

    Again, my appologies for not being able to join in on this occasion.

    Voting thread open now...

    I want to believe.
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    AlienXXX wrote:
    Boys and girls,

    So far we have only had one entry for dare 13. I was planning to add a second stage to the dare, but I won't bother.
    Not much happening in terms of discussion/comments either (both here and at Soundcloud).

    Considering how the last dare went (and this is possibly heading the same way) I need to ask:
    Is anyone working on a piece for dare 13?
    I have said it several times before: I don't 'make' these dares, you guys do. It is quite obvious that there is no point me trying to run something if there is no interest in it from the Freesound community.

    So be honest. A reply to say "I am not working on an entry" is fine. - Lack of any reply works just as well. What I am asking is that you don't post to say that you are working on an entry if you are actually not.
    If people don't want to participate that is absolutely fine, and I will not take it parsonally. But it will save me the embarassment of opening yet another dare after this one, and me and the dares will just take a break instead.


    Did I mis something???

    Record all the crap you can!! doesnt matter if it sounds like shit.
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    No. I meant dare 12.
    Can be difficult to type on the iphone keyboard...

    I want to believe.