Terms of use

The usage of the api is subject to the Freesound API terms of use which you can be found in https://freesound.org/help/tos_api/. Please read these terms and contact mtg at upf.edu if you have any doubts. As general rules, please take into account the following points:

You can use the Freesound API for free only for non-commercial purposes. To use the Freesound API for commercial purposes, please contact mtg at upf.edu and we will talk about licensing options.

Be fair with your usage of the Freesound API. Do not use the api to replicate Freesound in another site or to present Freesound data pretending it is yours. Remember to properly credit Freesound and Freesound users in accordance to sounds’ licenses.

Do not abuse server bandwidth. Make reasonable use of the API and respect request limits. Do not register multiple API keys to circumvent request limitations. If your usage of the Freesound API requires more permissive limits, please contact mtg at upf.edu.